Each and every day,  shortly after dinner, it’s bed time for Pablo and Ana… and the problems start.

To begin with, all goes well, they brush their teeth, wash their face, do a wee – wee and read for a while.

Their parents come upstairs to say goodnight, the children sip some water and … lights out.

Then,  strange things start to happen in Pablo and Ana’s bedroom.  Every night, just when both children start to fall asleep, an ancient, hoarse, deep voice, coming from the wardrobe says very slowly…

«I’m the wardrobe monster and I’m veeeery hungry«

The children jump out of bed in shock they turn on the light, whilst calling out «Daaaddy!»

«Daddy, Daddy, there’s a monster in the wardrobe!«

Here we go again, thinks Dad to himself, while he climbs the stairs on the way to the children’s bedroom. These children have such an overactive imagination… every night it’s the same story, thinks Dad. 

«Right! What’s going on here?» Whilst he opens the wardrobe door, to show the children that there no monster.

«But, daddy… we heard the monsters voice again and he said he was hungry, very hungry»

«So you say… but it would seem, it’s a product of your imagination» — said Dad pointing to the open wardrobe. — «back to sleep, immediately! There are no monsters in here!«.


Dad goes back down stairs to continue watching TV. In the meantime,  the children are back in bed, in the dark, on their own, trying to get back to sleep. Thinking that perhaps the noise had been, in fact a figment of their imagination, an illusion created by the volume of stories they listen to every day, maybe daddy was right.

So the children try to get back to sleep once again, thinking about something else, counting sheep, falling very, very slowly to sleep…and when they are about to drop off….from inside the wardrobe they hear the torn, broken voice again, as if it was coming from the inside of an enormous ancient tree.

«I’m the wardrobe monster and I’m very hungry!«

«Daddy, daddy… there is a monster in our wardrobe!«

«I’ve had just about enough of all of this nonsense! There are no monsters in the wardrobe, or under the bed, nor behind the curtains. There are no monsters in this house, or in any other house, because monsters DO NOT EXIST!» Shouts Daddy crossly.

It was obvious that Pablo and Ana’s dad was unable to see the monster, at all, how strange?!

The children, tired of their dad not being able to see the monster and scared of the voice that talked to them from the depths of the wardrobe each night, make a decision and drew up a plan.

On tippy toes they come down the stairs to the kitchen, they prepare a glass of milk and a delicious plate of chocolate cookies. They place it all on a plastic tray and took it up to their bedroom, leaving it under the wardrobe door. Then, they got back into bed and pulled the blanket up over their heads, hoping to fall asleep.

One minute passes, two, five, half an hour…finally, they fall asleep. At midnight, Ana wakes up, looks towards the wardrobe and cannot believe her eyes. The wardrobe monster is and enormous creature, almost two meters tall, as fat as an onion and as hairy as a doormat(as fat as a bat and as hairy as a canary). He’s not inside the wardrobe anymore… he’s OUTSIDE! Bent down, devouring the cookies and milk, (the children had left him),  with a big smile on his face.

While he eats his last piece of biscuit, he winks at Ana and Pablo and with and big smile on his face says

«Thank you very much for sharing your biscuits, I was veeery hungry«

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